Landscaping Upgrades Add Curb Appeal in Simpsonville, SC

Cochran Landscape Management, Inc. was scheduled in Simpsonville, SC for a landscaping project. (Click the link to learn more about our Simpsonville Landscaping services) The customer contacted us to upgrade the landscaping at their residence. Our design team met with the customer, to create a design plan. Our team’s plan included adding beautiful and colorful plants and flowers, pavers, and other exciting elements to bring life to the landscaping. The team arrived promptly as scheduled, then immediately went to work clearing the area where the new plants and flowers were to be placed, then we added the plants. Once all the plants and flowers were successfully planted, we added pavers of different sizes from the front of the residence to the back patio. The pavers added a safe and attractive way to enter and exit the backyard along with bring uniqueness and beauty.

When the landscaping project was completed, we asked the customer to look over our work. She said the landscaping looked great! The customer loved the way the pavers added depth and direction to the home and landscaping. Our team gave her some added pointers on keeping her plants and flowers thriving and beautiful. We also let her know that if they had any problem to contact Cochran Landscape Management, because we stand behind all of our work. We could tell she was pleased with our work, and we know that we have just added another customer that we look forward to serving in the future. Cochran Landscape Management is the landscaping company that Simpsonville can depend on.

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