Do you want a beautiful green landscape all year round? Fed up with lawn maintenance? The answer is an astroturf installation from the trusted local landscape company in South Carolina, Cochran Landscape Management. That’s right! Not only can our landscaping professionals keep up a natural grass lawn, but they can also install synthetic grass that stays fresh and green throughout the seasons.

Cochran Landscape Management: South Carolina’s AstroTurf and Synthetic Turf Experts

Property owners in South Carolina trust the professionals at Cochran Landscape Management with their hardscaping and landscaping needs, and this extends to artificial turf products. Not only can we create a beautiful outdoor space, but we can make it worry free with astroturf!

Our artificial landscaping turf installation process consists of preparing the land for installation, installing backing for proper drainage, installing high-quality synthetic grass with no seams or gaps, and finally installing infill materials for stability.

Benefits of AstroTurf for Your Lawn

Artificial turf offers a wealth of benefits for both homeowners and commercial property owners, such as:

  • No more hassle or expense of mowing, fertilizing, weeding, watering, and other natural grass upkeep.
  • No more grass stains on clothing!
  • Looks green and lush even in the winter or during summer droughts.
  • Virtually maintenance free!
  • Creates a soft play area for pets and children.
  • High traffic areas of your lawn won’t get muddy and worn down.
  • Provides excellent drainage for runoff to stay clean.

It’s not just for sports arenas anymore! Our professional landscapers can Install Astro Turf wherever you want it!

Most people think of a sports arena when you say astroturf, and yes it’s great for sports areas, but there are also many other applications for artificial landscaping turf, including:

  • Sports turf
  • Putting greens
  • Batting cage turf
  • Pet grass
  • Playground turf
  • Premium landscaping turf for any yard

Ready for a maintenance free lawn or playground? Contact Cochran Landscape Management today!

Our astroturf installation services are quick, efficient, and worry-free for South Carolina property owners. Along with landscaping turf, we can install retaining walls, build a patio or outdoor space, or perform any other hardscaping to create an overall look that compliments your home or business and doesn’t require maintenance.

Don’t wait to upgrade your commercial or residential property with synthetic grass! Give us a call or contact us right away! Our landscaping experts can answer any questions you have about artificial turf products.