Family Time thanks to the best SC Landscaping Company

A customer in the suburbs contacted Cochran Landscape a few weeks ago. The customer was a father who needed the best landscaping company SC could offer who could also help him set up a small fire pit with some foliage around the fire pit. The customer had three small children, and he could remember when he was young that his family would gather around a fire in the evenings and tell stories, roast marshmallows and hot dogs, and just have good family time. The dad wanted to offer this to his children too, but he didn’t live out in the country like his family did. Living in the suburbs means you have to have a fire pit, and since the customer wasn’t very handy he wanted to hire a landscaping company for his fire pits and landscaping, which is why he contacted Cochran Landscape.

Cochran Landscape met with the customer and the customer showed us where he would like his fire pit to be located at, then the foliage that he wanted around the fire pit was something that was easy for us to maintain. We took down the measurements, then the following day we started installing the fire pit to meet his request. By late afternoon the project was complete, and the dad came out, and was highly impressed at the finished fire pit area. The dad said that he was going to use the fire pit often with his children, because it created memories that would last them a lifetime.