Landscape Lighting Added For Increased Safety Outside Greenville Home

I called Cochran Landscaping out to my home in Greenville. I was dealing with a very dark driveway and walkway and needed to add lighting in these areas. I did a search on Angie’s List, and Cochran Landscaping was highly rated by their previous customers, so I called them to see what they could offer me in landscape lighting. The Cochran Landscaping lighting designer arrived on time, and we walked through the areas that I was concerned with, and the designer went over different options that I could choose from. I chose the LED lights, because the cost to run the LED lights would be affordable, and the installation would be quick. The installers arrived two days later and within no time at all the lights were installed. As night approached, the lights came on, and lit up the area just like I wanted. I was highly impressed. I will definitely call them in the future.

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