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We have a few basic tenets at Cochran Landscaping Management, Inc.  For one, we want to communicate with you about your needs, and what the best possible solution is for landscaping Piedmont area properties.

Sometimes there is more than one right answer, so we really try to understand what you need .  Your landscape has a number of enemies: pets, wildlife, wild plants, weather, kids and a number of others.  We’ve come across it all in our 20 years in the industry.  When you need a landscaper, call Cochran Landscape Management, Inc to find a solution that fits your needs. Cochran Landscape: Landscaping Piedmont

Custom Landscape Design 

Once we understand your needs, we will custom design solutions for your landscaping needs.  Landscape design is the part of the process that takes critical thinking.  It’s the plan that everything is based on.  When it comes to planning, the people with experience are going to more consistently create plans that will work.  Todd Cochran has been making landscape design plans for roughly 20 years.


Upgrade With a Water Feature 

Water features are a luxury item.  They can also be extremely functional.  When landscaping Piedmont properties installing a water feature can create the atmosphere that you desire.  The white noise of a running waterfall is proven to be a soothing sound to people.  We’ve installed many water features.  Give us a call to discuss your options.


Pond & Waterfalls Piedmont

If your landscaping already has a bit of a nature feel to it, take it over the edge by installing an outdoor pond or subtle waterfall.  Even a small yard can have a pond or waterfall installed.  We will custom design based on what you want.  Give us a call to talk about options for installing a water feature on your landscape.

Custom Outdoor Lighting 

Advancement in outdoor lighting have really expanded outdoor lighting options landscaping Piedmont properties.  Whether for your business or home we can help you find a design that works for you.  Technology has made outdoor lighting projects more affordable, both in energy efficiency and materials.  When it comes to landscaping Piedmont properties, outdoor lighting of some kind is a must.  Our installers can handle all jobs, letting you sit back and relax.

Professional Landscape Lighting Piedmont

Just as we do with all our projects, we communicate with you to make sure your needs are being met at all times.  We will design with you in mind.  Then we will install your design without turning your yard into a construction zone!  We will provide you with great service, making sure our crew is there on time, making sure landscaping Piedmont properties is a great experience, quick, and easy.

If you would like to see a variety of the services that we offer the Piedmont area click here!