Leaky Irrigation System Solved In Simpsonville By Cochran

There is nothing worse than having a leaky irrigation system. Cochran Landscaping was called out to give emergency service for a customer in Simpsonville. The customer didn’t know how long the sprinkler system had been leaking, but it must have been for a while, because their backyard was flooded. The customer was frantic, but got on their smart phone and did a search. Lucky for him, our company appeared and they gave us a call right away. It’s a good thing he called us when he did, because this is a serious problem; but our team can handle it. The Cochran Landscaping irrigation repair specialists arrived quickly and started to hunt down the leak. The specialists found the leak was caused from a broken pipe. They repaired it immediately, then let the customer know that the problem was fixed. The irrigation specialists talked with the customer for a bit, and the customer told us that we were the only company that offered emergency repairs. I gave them their bill and let them know all work was under warranty. The customer said, “I’m surprised that the bill isn’t more. I figured because you came out so quick that I would have to pay a bigger price. I can’t thank you enough for repairing it so fast. Thank you for doing a great job.”

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