Outdoor Lighting in Liberty Extends Quality Patio Time

Recently, Cochran Landscape was contacted by a woman in Liberty. The Liberty woman had made it a summer project of enjoying her patio, and had not noticed how the time had gone by. She enjoyed the warm summer afternoons and evening on her patio just enjoying a nice glass of lemonade and watching nature in her backyard. She didn’t realize that the equinox happened recently, and hadn’t given much thought to the days getting shorter. To keep enjoying her patio she decided to call Cochran Landscape for Liberty outdoor lighting that would allow her to fully enjoy her outdoor living space.

Cochran Landscape scheduled an appointment to meet with the customer at her home, so we could go over her outdoor space. It is always best to see the property, so we can determine the best outdoor lighting that would provide results for the patio. We looked over the space and offered the customer several lighting options, and she selected solar paneled powered lighting so she wouldn’t have to worry about her energy costs going up for her lighting. The Cochran Landscape lighting team arrived at the home the following morning and installed the outdoor lighting Liberty homeowners always trust. The customer anxiously awaited for the sun to go down that evening, so she could see how her lighting would be, and was thrilled with the results. Her patio had the perfect amount of lighting for nighttime enjoyment. She didn’t want it to be too bright, but enough to provide a warm and inviting ambience.