Outdoor Lighting in SC Provides Evening Enjoyment

A waiter and newlywed had started working nights again after many days and brunch shifts. In order for him to spend quality time with his new wife (and they were both outdoor enthusiasts) he asked his neighbor which company offered the highest quality craftsmanship and deals on outdoor lighting SC had to offer. His neighbor recommended Cochran Landscape, because Cochran Landscape had provided excellent outdoor lighting at his home. The waiter contacted us to see if we could do the same for his home.

Cochran Landscape lighting professionals met with the couple at their home and they showed us where they wanted to have lighting installed. The couple wanted outdoor lighting around their patio and deck, then along the walkway to their front door. Since the husband had started working nights he wanted to make sure the home was lit up enough that he could spend time outside after he was done with a shift. The couple selected their lighting choices, and our team was scheduled for the installation two days later. The team arrived promptly as scheduled, and the installation was started. Within a few hours the team had the outdoor lighting SC homeowners could enjoy. The husband hurried home after his shift, so he could see how the lights looked at night. As he hit his street he could see the walkway was perfectly lit up, and he was happy that he contacted Cochran Landscape as his outdoor lighting specialists. The couple are spending time together each night thanks to Cochran Landscape.