Spartanburg Landscaping Company Sets up Space for Play

A couple whose kids were starting to grow up wanted to add a jungle gym and swing set to their backyard so their kids would have a safe and super fun place to play. They called the best landscaping company in Spartanburg to set up the backyard for the kids to be able to play in. The Cochran Landscape design team set up an appointment with the parents at their home so our designers could get a precise idea of what they were looking to have for their children.

The Cochran Landscape design team arrived at the Spartanburg home and the couple showed the design team the space in the backyard where they were wanting us to set up the play area. Our team discussed great options to clear space for future structures, but also offered great ideas that would provide the parents with subtle features that would add beauty and functional appeal as well. The couple was highly impressed with the options provided to them by the team, then asked when the project could get started. We let them know we could start as soon as tomorrow, and the couple urged as to proceed. The Cochran Landscape crew arrived the next morning and the crew started on the project. The crew cleared the space for the jungle gym and swing set, then the crew added just a few flowers that would add beauty. The contractor arrived to install the structures in the space that we created and the couple called us Monday morning to say that the entire family is enjoying the backyard thanks to Cochran Landscape, which is the landscaping company Spartanburg families appreciate.