Piedmont Outdoor Lighting Installed for Gardener

Recently, Cochran Landscape was contacted by an avid gardener in Piedmont. The avid gardener  wanted to be able to watch some of the activity outside by her beloved garden at night. She called us to have some quotes given on outdoor lighting in Piedmont, and we were able to suggest some beautiful fixtures that would complement her hard work and dedication.

We met with the lady at her Piedmont home. She was thrilled to show us her garden. She showed us each plant and flower she had planted and we could tell immediately that she had really loved and enjoyed working in her garden. We showed the homeowner different outdoor lighting options, which included LED, low voltage, solar panel, and even spotlights that would showcase her garden. Our designers showed her how we could situate the lighting, so that they would feature some of her favorite plants, then we suggested adding a water fountain fixture that would look amazing in her garden area. The homeowner was delighted with our suggestions, then selected her lighting and a small water fountain fixture, then our professional installers returned Monday morning to install everything for the homeowner. Monday afternoon everything was done for the customer and when nightfall came she was in awe at the beauty and serene peacefulness that she was experiencing with our services. She called us the following morning to let us know that she is very happy that she called Cochran Landscape, because we provided her with beautiful outdoor lighting Piedmont gardeners would truly love.