Quality Time for Married Couple Benefits from Landscaping in Piedmont

Cochran Landscape received a call from a homeowner in Piedmont. The homeowner is a Piedmont notary that spent long hours away from his home and wife. When he would get home the couple would like to share a glass of wine together, but they wanted to do this outside in their yard. The wife wanted a backyard swinging chair, but the husband didn’t want to purchase one of those metal swings that always rust. This led him to call Cochran Landscape to have Piedmont landscaping services performed so that space for the chair would be available.

The Cochran Landscape team arrived at the home and looked over the space that the couple was wanting the backyard swinging chair to be located. One of the big Oak trees in the backyard would be a perfect location, but the tree would need a bit of pruning and trimming. Our customer’s wife decided she would like to have some plants added around the base of the tree. The Cochran Landscape team gave the couple an estimate and the couple was thrilled with it. Our crew was scheduled to start the landscaping Monday morning. Within a few days the tree was trimmed and pruned and the plants were added. Our crew hung the backyard swinging chair for the couple. When the husband returned home from a hectic busy day he was greeted by his wife holding a glass of wine and they went to enjoy their new chair. The landscaping was done excellently and the couple are happy with their new backyard space.