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Greenville Landscape Lighting for Enhanced Garden Security

A Greenville man loved growing his own herbs in some potted plants by windows. He started growing his own herbs because he was learning how to cook extravagant meals, and each recipe called for fresh herbs. He would return to his potted plants each morning after sleeping only to find his plants had been eaten by rodent pests. He didn’t want to use any pesticides to keep the pests away, so he contacted Cochran Landscape for landscape lighting Greenville gardeners could count for reliable functioning, and he also could now keep a watchful eye on his prized plants.

The Cochran Landscape lighting designers met with the customer at his home so we could see what type of lighting would benefit his plants. We went over several options, then the customer selected his lighting. Our lighting experts returned the following morning to install the lighting, and within no time at all the project was completed. We told the homeowner that if he continued to have problems with pests to just contact us, and we could assist him with other gardening ideas. Cochran Landscaping heard from the customer at the end of the week, but not to ask for assistance. He wanted to tell us that he has had no problem at all with any pests, and his herbs are growing successfully now thanks to the Greenville landscape lighting we had provided for him. The customer said that he plans on having us back in a few months, because he is planning on expanding his garden and would appreciate our expert advice.

Greenville Pond Waterfall Keeps it Clean

A Greenville resident wondered how they could get their pond to stay clean. She had tried everything on the market to keep the pond clean, and though she was able to clean it, it would only stay clean for a short period. The pond would start smelling, which attracted bugs, and the homeowner didn’t want to sit on her patio smelling stagnant wanter She had always wanted the pond because of the peacefulness that it brought to her. She realized after talking to her neighbor that she should seek out a filtering pond waterfall Greenville neighbors could not match.

The homeowner contacted Cochran Landscape and explained her situation, and we assured her that we could fix this reoccurring problem she was facing with a filtering pond waterfall. Our pond waterfall would filter all the dirt and debris that fell into the pond, and the waterfall would have constant movement. She instantly realized that it would keep her water moving and not result in stinky backyard ponds so she hired Cochran Landscaping to install a pond waterfall Greenville pond lovers would appreciate. The Cochran Landscaping team arrived at the Greenville home and installed the pond waterfall for the customer. This is exactly what the pond needed, and now it would not be stinky and have odors, but would provide the serenity and peacefulness that she wanted with her pond. She has since not had any problems with a bad smell or unclean pond.

Hardscaping Added Along Greenville Home

In Greenville, one of our customers scheduled our landscaping service. After meeting with the designers, she decided to have hardscaping added to her home. (Click the link to read more about our Greenville Hardscaping services)

The hardscaping would be added from the front of the house to the sidewalk,and plants on each side. The Cochran landscaping crew arrived promptly, as scheduled, and immediately went to work on installing the hardscaping. By mid-afternoon the following day, the job was complete. The crew started adding the plants that the customer had requested.

After finishing, they cleaned up and invited her to look over their new landscaping. She said, “it looks amazing!” The customer said she was really happy about the way the landscaping turned out. She thanked the team for doing such an amazing job, and quickly, too.

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Retaining Wall in Greenville Restored

I called Cochran Landscaping out to my home to give me a bid on a retaining wall. My current wall had to be constructed when the house was first built thirty years ago, and it was unattractive with some of the stones were starting to become loose. I had never used Cochran Landscaping’s services before, and I had never heard of them until I did a search on the internet. There were two companies that I looked over, but the gallery photos of retaining walls caught my eye, then I looked at the feedback that was left, so I gave them a call. I decided to go with the stone retaining wall, and the designer let me choose the exact color of stones that I wanted. The Cochran Landscaping crew arrived on Friday at 8:00 AM, the day and time I arranged, and started removing the current retaining wall. I had to leave for work, but when I returned home I was amazed that they had completed the wall. The retaining wall looked amazing. The crew didn’t leave a mess, and the wall really made my home look better. I don’t usually write feedback for a company, but they did such a great job. They showed up on time, did the work perfectly, and the final cost was exactly what I expected. I have already been taking pictures and showing my friends and family the great job that Cochran Landscaping has done for me. I will definitely recommend this company.

For your retaining wall needs, landscape or hardscape, call Cochran Landscape Management today!

Greenville Hardscaping Around Pool

We had a customer in Greenville call us out to their home to go over options with her about a hardscaping project that she was interested in having done. The design and installer met at the residence, so they could actually see what the customer wanted done. She wanted to have hardscaping leading to their pool area, then around the pool patio. We offered the customer wood, brick, and different stones for their hardscaping, and the customer chose the oddly shaped stones. The installer measured the area, then we scheduled the installation for the following Friday. The Cochran Landscaping crew and installers arrived on time, then started installing the hardscaping stones. The installation was done fairly quickly. The customer called the office the following day to let us know that she was anxious to get home and see his hardscaping, and she was thrilled with how great it turned out. The customer said everything looked great, and she appreciated that the crew was careful around her flowers. She loved her new backyard!

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Greenville Irrigation System Repair Unclogs Sprinkler

The Cochran Landscaping irrigation repair technicians were scheduled to repair an irrigation system for a homeowner in Greenville. The customer called us because the sprinkler system was over-spraying. The sidewalk was becoming soaked with water and the customer was worried that there was a major problem. The technicians arrived as soon as the call was made. The repair technicians immediately started looking at the water and the sprinkler system where the water was over spraying. They noticed there was a clog on one side of the sprinkler and there was a major leak. It’s a good thing the customer called us out when he did, because this problem needed attention immediately. The repair technicians shut the water off to the system, then repaired the leak, then unclogged the sprinkler. The technicians made sure that the rest of the system was in good working order, then turned the water back on. We let him know that his sprinkler system was repaired, and we showed him what the problem was. He was very pleased with our fast service and said he would call us next time.

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Water Fountain Installed in Greenville Yard

My wife and I had just purchased a home in Greenville, and we wanted to add a water fountain to our front landscaping. Since we are new to the Greenville area, we used our smart phone to do a search to find a landscaping service provider. The results showed Cochran Landscaping on the top of the search results, so we went over their website and gave them a call. We met with them to see what types of water fountains they offered, and to see what the cost would be to have one installed. The salesman gave us a variety of options, which included stone, marble, and even granite. We were surprised that the price for installation and the water fountain was affordable, so we scheduled the installation. The Cochran Landscaping installers arrived promptly on time on the day that we set up. The installers prepped the area where the fountain was to be installed, then within no time at all the water fountain was being put into the spot that we selected. The crew had to return the following day to get the water hooked up properly, but by mid-morning the water fountain was installed. My wife and I anxiously awaited to see how the water fountain would look and sound, and it was wonderful. I am very pleased with the water fountain, crew, and the price. I will definitely be telling everyone who provided the water fountain, and what a wonderful job they did.

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Landscape Lighting Added For Increased Safety Outside Greenville Home

I called Cochran Landscaping out to my home in Greenville. I was dealing with a very dark driveway and walkway and needed to add lighting in these areas. I did a search on Angie’s List, and Cochran Landscaping was highly rated by their previous customers, so I called them to see what they could offer me in landscape lighting. The Cochran Landscaping lighting designer arrived on time, and we walked through the areas that I was concerned with, and the designer went over different options that I could choose from. I chose the LED lights, because the cost to run the LED lights would be affordable, and the installation would be quick. The installers arrived two days later and within no time at all the lights were installed. As night approached, the lights came on, and lit up the area just like I wanted. I was highly impressed. I will definitely call them in the future.

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Greenville Drainage Installation

Our customer from Greenville, South Carolina, called to have a drainage systems installed. They knew about Cochran Landscaping because we installed an irrigation systems for them years ago and were pleased with our work.  They called us saying that after a storm they had standing water in their backyard and it needed to be drained as soon as possible. We installed a drainage system that cleared all of the water. They said that we did a nice job and the work was clean and completed in a timely fashion. Our customer said, “the new drainage works great!” To see our work, check out the photos below!

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Greenville Drainage Greenville Drainage Greenville Drainage



Greenville Metal Water Fountain Installation

In Greenville, South Carolina, one of our customers called to have a metal water fountain installed in their yard. After giving her an estimate, we came out and installed their new metal water fountain. Once we were done with the installation and everything was working properly, our customers loved it! They felt it was a great addition to their backyard that added a serene feel. There are other materials that you can choose from aside from metal, including marble, granite and cast stone.

Cochran Landscaping is dedicated to providing quality to our customers with every job we do. As part of our landscaping services we also do: hardscaping, retaining walls, paver patios and landscape lighting. To learn more about South Carolina’s landscaping experts, and our other services, click here!

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